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The Big Bang Lite JUNK headband is the perfect accessory to keep your processor secure throughout all your daily activities. Designed for athletes, active individuals, and even kids, this headband features sweat-wicking 4-way stretch fabric that is both breathable and machine washable. Suitable for ages 4 and above, it is an ideal choice for various activities such as working out, playing sports, cycling, tennis, or swimming.

This versatile headband is a fantastic option for all-in-one off-ear processors like the Cochlear Kanso, Osia, and MedEl’s Rondo. For behind-the-ear processors, additional processor loops are included to ensure everything stays securely in place. Plus, with its non-slip design and SPF 50+ protection, the Big Bang Lite offers both comfort and functionality for your day-to-day adventures.

JUNK headband

  • Wash on gentle and recommended to air dry. If processor loops have been added, frequent washing can cause the loop adhesive to fail.

  • 89% Polyester, 11% Spandex

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