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Q: What do you mean by "claws up" or "claws down"?

A: The barrettes that are used to clip the case to the hair have claws that help them stay secure in the hair.  "Claws up" means the claws clip into the hair against the direction of hair growth.  This is popular and even necessary if the hair near the magnet site is short. However, some people with long hair prefer claws up too!

Q: I don't know if I should do "claws up" or "claws down".  What do you recommend?

A: "Claws up" is a good idea for short hair.  For long hair, it is truly a personal preference. My daughter uses "claws down" but I have had a lot of customers request "claws up" for long hair.

Q: What if I don't like the clip direction that I selected?

A: The clips can be flipped. The rings used to secure the clip to the case are small split rings (the same thing used for key rings). As long as you have the dexterity and patience to fiddle with the tiny split rings, you can switch them.

Q: How do you use the clips/how do you get the clips to stay secure in the hair?

A: See these videos:

Q: How long will the cases last?

A: It is safe to say your cases will last at least 6 months. However, they are made of nylon material that will likely wear out over time. They are not made of steel and they won't last forever : )


The case life expectancy is similar to that of Cochlear's SnugFit accessory. The biggest area of weakness are the lugs on each side of the case. If too much pressure is placed upon the lugs, the rings can tear through them rendering the case useless.


Q: Does the owner of the this company have a cochlear implant?

A: No. My daughter is the only person in our family who has hearing issues. I had very little exposure to or knowledge about hearing loss, single-sided deafness, or hearing devices before she was diagnosed. She is implanted on the left side only as she has normal hearing in her right ear.

Q: What are the cases made of?  Are they heavy?

A: The cases are made from nylon. They are extremely thin and light- maybe about as heavy as a penny or a paper clip. They do not add hardly any weight and will not make it harder for the processor to stay in place.

Q: Do you ship outside the United States?

A: Yes. Shipping is available world wide. There are two shipping options:

      >  United States Postal Service (USPS) First Class; 

      >  USPS Priority Mail.

First Class takes longer and has higher risk of getting lost in the mail. 

Priority Mail from USPS is more expensive, but less risk of the package getting lost.  

With either option, you will get an email with a tracking number so you can track your package. 

If you would like to use a different mailing service such as UPS or DHL, please send us an email. We can work out the details. 

Q: Do you ever have sales?

A: Yes, we periodically have promotional pricing and discounts. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest information and promo codes. 


Facebook: @retentionsolutions

Q: How did you come up with this idea?

A: The credit really goes to my dad and the amazing local company he found that does 3D printing and design. They listened to everything I asked for and delivered an excellent product. They have been incredible to work with and continue to manufacture the cases for me. The cases were modeled after the Kanso 1, which allows for use of two retention lines instead of just one, as with the Kanso 2.

Q: Can I share your information with other people?

A: YES!  We are grateful for customers who are willing to spread the word. about our products. We can provide free demo cases to audiology clinics to show to patients who are considering an off-ear processor and may be on the fence because of concerns about retention.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: We want you to be happy with your purchase. If you are not happy for any reason, you can return the order for a full refund, as long as the product is not damaged and is returned in like-new condition within 30 days of delivery.

Occasionally, the cases break. Like most cochlear implant accessories, they wear out and will need to be replaced. We do not claim that the cases are going to last forever, and will not issue returns for items that wore out due to frequent use. 

If you did not feel you get your money's worth, or the case did not last as long as you think is reasonable, please get in touch via email ( or through the Contact Form on our website. We will work together to find a solution that works for all parties. 

We often allow discounts for replacement devices and repeat customers : )

Q: Do you have any other colors?  Can I color the case myself?

A: We do not have any other colors, but the cases will accept many colors of dye if you want to do it yourself. We use Rit brand 'DyeMore for Synthetic' and are happy with the quality.


We have not had good luck with finding dye for the grey or beige colors. For grey and beige, we use spray paint instead. We use Krylon brand, but any brand of paint for synthetic materials will work. Use a clear coat on the top!

If you wish to dye or paint your own case, visit our DIY page.  We can give you tips and tricks for making sure it turns out well!

Q: What if the hair clips break?  Can they be replaced?

A: Yes! If you search for "wig clips" on Amazon, you will find a wide variety of options.  I prefer the "Honbay" brand. They are under $10 for a pack of 50. 

Q: Do you have anything for waterproofing and/or retention solutions to use with the AquaKit® ?

A: Yes we do! We can modify your AquaKit's for you if you want to send them to us. If you want to try the modification yourself, please check out our Instagram page for instructions!

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