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Customizing your Cases

People often ask if we offer bright, fun colors like purple, pink, and blue.  We don't- but are happy to offer you tips, tricks and instructions if you want to customize a case yourself. 


Please make sure you specify when ordering that you are going to self-dye; if you order a a plain white case we usually clear coat it to prevent yellowing. The clear coat will make them impossible to dye- so we need to leave it off.


See the tutorial below and shoot us an email if you have any questions:   We love to get crafty!



*A quick note about dye:

We have also used Jacquard brand "iDyePoly". It works, but the powder is messy and you don't need the whole packet so it is not as easy to use as the liquid dye from Rit.  But if there is a color you are "dyeing" to use and it is only available through Jacquard, you can make it work.

You must use dye for synthetic fabrics!!!  Regular dye will NOT work.

In our experience red and grey colors do not come out well.  The red doesn't dye evenly or richly and grey comes out more of a weird lavender color. Blues and purples come out great.

We are not responsible for poor dyeing outcomes and will not accept returns for cases that were self-dyed.  Proceed at your own risk.


Don't skip the preparation steps!  Following these steps will ensure your case dyes evenly and beautifully and will save you time in the long run.

a) Gently sand the top of the cases- mostly focus on the flat areas but a light buff of the entire top surface is good.  Emphasis on gently. You don't need to get crazy with sanding- just enough to remove tiny amounts of invisible residue left over from the manufacturing process.

b) Soak the cases in hot, soapy water.  We recommend overnight, but at least one hour.


Now for the fun part!

a) Cover your clothes. It is easy to splash dye on yourself and ruin your clothing.

b) Add about two cups of water, two pumps of dish soap, and two tablespoons of dye to the sauce pan. If you know you want a rich, dark color, you can use a little more dye.  If you want a lighter color, use a little less. We recommend starting with a more dilute solution because you can always add more dye later.


c) Turn on medium-high heat and watch carefully.  You want to bring it to near-boiling. You will know it is the right temperature when you see steam rising off the surface of the liquid. When you see steam, turn down to low-medium heat. You don't want the liquid to actually boil- but if it does, just turn down the temperature. 

d) Add the cases to the sauce pan, keeping the water at a near-boiling temperature.

e) Use a spoon to lift the cases out of the dye and check them frequently- just like dyeing an Easter egg.  Err on the side of caution- feel free to remove them and let them dry to get a look at the true color. You can always pop them back in if you want them to be darker.

f) If you notice the case didn't dye evenly and the color looks blotchy, it means you didn't soak them long enough before dyeing, you didn't sand enough before dyeing, or you picked a color that doesn't work well (e.g. red or grey). If the issue was lack of sanding, you can lightly sand the surface and dye again.


g) If you have a rich dye solution, the cases may be done as soon as 5-8 minutes.  If you have a more dilute, solution, it may take 10-15 minutes. 

h) When you have achieved your desired color, remove the cases from the dye solution and let them dry 24-48 hours. Beware: the dye WILL stain countertops- so make sure you put a cookie sheet or something underneath the paper towel.  If you have quartz or granite countertops, pouring boiling water over the stain will lift the dye.

i) You can use a clear coat of spray paint for extra protection, but this is not required. The clear comes in both matte and glossy finishes.


a) We will provide you what you need for the hair clips, but you will have to attach them to the case  yourself.

b) Each case needs 2 large split rings, 2 small split rings, and two hair clips.

c) Attach the large split rings to the loops on the case. It works best if you insert the split ring through the back of the case. Be firm but gentle when turning the split ring; ensure you don't accidentally rip the case loop off.

d) Attach the small split rings to the clips. It works best if you insert the ring through the back of the clip, center hole.

e) Connect the two split rings together, ensuring the clips are oriented in the direction you prefer (claws up or claws down).

f) Voila!  Enjoy your customized cases. 


A customer did these cases herself for her daughter- a different color for every school day!

Feel free to send us photos of your customized cases (or tag us in a photo on IG or FB!)



Let us know if you want to make your own charms!  We can give you all the instructions :) 

Supplies you will need:

1. A small sauce pan (we prefer stainless steel and have never used non-stick)

2. Dish soap

3. Water

4. A glass bowl or measuring cup

5. Rit "DyeMore" Synthetic Fabric Dye* (available on Amazon or at most local craft stores)

6. Paper towels

7. A spoon

8. Fine grit sand paper

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