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These goggles feature an elastic strap where you can insert your on the ear processor, keeping the processor snug and secure while in the water!


Pro tip: pair these goggles with our coil cases, which will keep the magnet secure on the scalp. No more processors falling off every time you jump in the pool!


If we sell out, we might re-stock, but we might not. We recommend you get them while you can :)

Swim Goggles for Little Kids

$45.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price


  • These goggles are intended to be used with the manufacturer's waterproof case (i.e. the "AquaKit" from Cochlear).  You must purchase waterproofing accessories from your implant manufacturer.  

    We are not responsible for any water damage to your processor. Use at your own risk.  

  • These goggles are recommended for ages 3-6.

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