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This case is designed to fit the Rondo 3 while using the WaterWear waterproofing membrane and is perfect for helping to keep your processor in place while in the water! 


*It will NOT fit the Rondo 3 without the waterproof membrane. It also will NOT fit other processors or brands.


Colored cases are subject to fading with repeated exposure to water. For this reason, the Rondo 3 WaterWear case will come in white only. Each case includes one set of hair clips. Depending on frequency of use, the hair clips will rust over time. Many people will also choose to purchase the additional clips kit for back up.

Rondo 3 for WaterWear

  • Using a cochlear implant processor in water comes with inherant risks.

    CI Retention Solutions assumes no liability for damage to a processor while using this product.  Use at your own risk.  

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