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You can see all our products by clicking the "See All" button, or you can select a specific brand below.

Please note: shipping estimates are from the date the package is shipped, not from the date of purchase. See our "Shipping and Fulfillment" section below for more details.

Kanso 1 -   Kanso 2  - Nucleus 7

Rondo 2  - Rondo 3  - Sonnet 2


We currently have cases for Kanso 1, Kanso 2, Rondo 2, Rondo 3, Rondo 3 WaterWear, Sonnet 2 (coil only), and Nucleus 7 (coil only), AB Marvel (coil only), AB Naida (coil only). 

The clips for our Kanso 1, Kanso 2, and Rondo 3 cases can be configured in a variety of ways. Please check our FAQs for more information about clip orientation. 


Shipping Terms

In general, we will ship your order within 10 days of payment. Estimated shipping times are based on the date we put your package in the mail-- not the date you place your order.


Sometimes there are delays related to our supplier. Sometimes there are delays because we are humans with children and we have full time jobs outside of CI Retention Solutions.


We commit to you that we will communicate clearly and frequently with you about your order, including if we anticipate any delays. We will notify you via email when your package has shipped. The notification will include a tracking number. You have the right to request a refund if you are unhappy about the time it is taking us to ship your order. Once the package has shipped, you must wait until it arrives and return it to us in order to receive a refund.

We require the use of USPS Priority Shipping for all orders within the United States. Although Priority shipping is slightly more expensive, we have found it to be more reliable and faster. International packages can be sent First Class (cheapest), Priority (next most expensive), and Priority Express (most expensive). 


Shipping to Turkey is particularly expensive- around $125 USD.  We are pleased to serve international customers, but note that we have no control over the cost of shipping internationally and complaining won't lower the cost.


We pride ourselves on being prompt and thorough when communicating with our customers. You can count on us!

See our Return Policy and Terms and Conditions for additional information.


We want you to be happy with your purchase. If you are not, please send an email to: We will work together on resolution.

You have 30 days to refund or exchange any items returned to us in like-new condition.

We do not offer refunds or exchanges for any of the following:

    1. Items that show as delivered according to shipping tracking, but were not received by the customer.

   2. Items that are broken, damaged, or worn out.

   3. Items returned more than 30 days after receipt by the customer.


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