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Say goodbye to the hassle of worrying about your cochlear implant while swimming and enjoy the water with confidence with these Splash Swim Goggles! These comfortable, adjustable goggles will hold your on the ear processor snug and secure while in the water. The anti-fog lenses provide excellent visibility underwater, while the adjustable strap ensures a perfect fit for most any head size. 


For 'off the ear' processors like Kanso and Rondo, simply order the goggles in the color or pattern preferred. The band of the goggles in wide enough to stretch over the top of the processor adding extra support to hold it comfortably in place! No more rubber goggle straps and no more hair pulling!


For 'on the ear' processors like N7, N8, Sonnet 2 and Naida and Sky Marvel we will add a sewn in elastic loop to hold the processor.  (Helpful tip for putting your goggles on: Before putting the goggles on, unplug the coil cord from the processor and slide the processor into the elastic loop starting with the ear tip(skinny part). Once your processor is nice and snug in the elastic band, feed the coil cord through the slit in the goggles band located just above and behind the processor so that the coil cord is on the under side of the goggles band. This allows the coil cord and the coil(magnet) to sit against the head, under the goggles band for extra security! (see photo for example) Once you have the processor 'assembled' in the goggles, put the eye piece of the goggles on you or your child's forhead, pull the goggles band over the head where it is comfortable, and find and place your CI coil on the magnet. Once comfortable and in place, you can adjust the goggles on either side so that they are a comfortable fit. You want them tight enough not to fall down, but not so tight that it is pulling away and detaching from the goggles eyepiece. Pull the goggles eyepiece down around your eyes are you are ready to roll!) 



Pro Tip: pair these goggles with our coil cases, which will keep the magnet secure on the scalp. No more falling off every time you jump in the pool!

Splash Swim Goggles

25,00$ Prix original
22,00$Prix promotionnel
  • These goggles are intended to be used with the manufacturer's waterproof case (i.e. the "AquaKit" from Cochlear).  You must purchase waterproofing accessories from your implant manufacturer.  

    We are not responsible for any water damage to your processor. Use at your own risk.  

  • Suitable for age 3 up to adults.

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